The Morning After..

Hi all.
Excuse the long delay between posts. Its been a rather hectic week here at the DEE (tests all over the place :-x). Its still a busy set of weeks, but I missed my computer so much we're having a fun afternoon together ;-)
If I recall correctly, I said something about talking about Microcontrollers and things related to them.
Starting out roughly three years ago was a very sucky experience-at first. There never seemed to be one guide to understanding everything you needed to know. Hence three years later, I began to pen a small piece on AVRs, hoping to ease the process for anyone interested. There are two of them, but I'm going to upload only one. It needs lots of work but with your help and comments I'm sure we can get it off the ground. If you like it enough, I'll post the other and hopefully subsequent pieces. Although due to limitations on Blogspot, you'll need to drop a line in the comments so I can get it across to you. I'll see if I can get hosting during the week though.
And yeah, 'fore I forget, our Engineering week is coming up and there's been an open invitation for students to give a talk. I want to, just for kicks. Thinking of a Bluetooth/WiFi enabled thing possibly controlled from Android, or Voice Recognition with C#.NET, or Object/Face tracking. Any ideas?
I've also been working with a really nifty fingerprint module. Never really been into biometrics but its pretty neat. I wrote a small program in C# to communicate with it. May possibly upload source code if anyone wants it (Ps: The fingerprint module is based around an FPM10A chipset-there are several others, apparently). Hopefully if there's time I'll write a small guide on that. And, a guide to using Speech Recognition in C# (its actually really easy :-) )
Will keep you posted on the Engineering week proceedings, me hearties!
Ps: This post is named weird, I know. But I like it like that :-P


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