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Debison….or, Debian + Edison

I must begin by apologizing for the title of today’s post…I’ve been reading some weird Victorian-style literature and was trying my hand at naming things. Suffice to say it won’t be happening again………anytime soon.

Like I mentioned last time, I’m currently keeping busy with an Intel Edison Breakout for Arduino kit. The thing I needed to do was to get an OS up and running on the board. I’m glad to announce that I’ve succeeded (Igor, he’s alive!!!). Here’s how.
First off, the basic template for getting this done is available here. For some unfathomable reason, when you get to the part titled “Customize Kernel (Optional)”, things get weird. At least they did for me. YMMV. Note that if you simply want Debian on the Edison and are not infact customizing the kernel, then you need not worry about this part. Simply skip to here. If you’re taking the red pill customizing the kernel , step right this way.

First off, take a look at this, specifically points 1 and 2 as they could easily trip you …

End, Edd and Edison

Hello Friend(s).
Been a while – been busy with the end of the compulsory Youth Service year, which concluded (for me) a few hours ago. That’s right folks, I’m done with NYSC and free as a bird. Its been a great, memorable year…..
As mentioned in my previous post, I received an Intel Edison Breakout for Arduino kit courtesy of Element14. This happened a month or two ago, but I barely had time to really settle down with it until recently. I will be hosting a number of blog posts on the Element14 Intel Community, detailing the ins and outs of building a vehicular robot capable of being controlled over WiFi. The first post, which is an unboxing, can be found here.
The Intel Edison is a pretty capable SBC – it has 1GB of RAM and two Atom CPU cores running at 500MHz each, and a Quark microcontroller running at a 100MHz. The onboard microcontroller is no BeagleBone PRU, but runs an RTOS called ViperOS, offering (presumably) (hard) real-time capabilities to the Edison. That’s something I’m ho…