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Enabling SPI1 on the Raspberry Pi B+/Zero/2/3

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Its been a while. Been busy at work as usual, and haven’t really had much time to write much. As penance, I will post not one but two updates!
This particular post is in relation to Raspberry Pi users specifically. I had earlier talked about the vagaries involved in emulating SPI over GPIO in order to get an additional SPI peripheral. It was a moderately involved process, but the rewards were great
With the most recent release of the Raspbian Jessie distribution (2016-05-10), a number of improvements have been made to both the desktop parts and the “under-the-hood” parts, perhaps most significantly the kernel. This new release uses Kernel version 4.4, which now adds the ability to use the second hardware SPI peripheral, SPI1, on the Raspberry Pi. This is only available to devices with the 40-pin header (as seen from the title of this post) so users of the original model A and B will probably need to turn to spi-…