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V-USB: The HIDden parts…

Hello again,
Its been a while. Been a bit busy with work and life generally, but I’m sure you know the feeling. Recently, I talked about getting started with V-USB and Atmel Studio 7. In that post, I highlighted a strange occurrence I’d observed and a suitable workaround. That said, that was just me testing the waters with V-USB. I hadn’t really worked with it much after that, until earlier on today.
I wanted to build a simple HID device which could be used as a custom input gizmo i.e it has four buttons, and every time I pressed a button, it would emit a report specifying which button was pressed. On the host side, an application would constantly poll the device and react as needed. Not exactly rocket science I admit, but still somewhat complex since I’d never done it before. This post tries to explain why.
First off, I had to specify (in code) that the device was a HID device. This is typically done by creating/modifying the device descriptor appropriately. Luckily, V-USB has an ub…