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Getting Started with Logic Analyzers and Pulseview

Hey all,Been a while. Hope you’ve been up to no good, hm?A couple of days ago, I had to do some low-level I2C work on a bare-metal ATMega328P. Digging out the datasheet, I cobbled a simple I2C driver together, the purpose of which was to permit me write a driver for the particular peripheral which would call the lower-level functions the driver provided (i.e things like i2c_start(), i2c_stop(), i2c_address(), etc etc). When I finished the I2C driver, I tested it out with an MMA8452Q I had lying about and it seemed to work just fine. Believing everything to be dandy, I went ahead and wrote the peripheral driver for the component I was working with. And that was when the funny stuff started.To cut that long story short, it wouldn’t work right when deployed to the hardware. At all. I was in a bit of a bind – the code looked great, no errors no nothing, so it was time to look at the hardware/wire-level end of things.Logic analyzers (in my limited understanding) are tools/instruments that …