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I'm Okay!

Hello Friend.

I realize its been almost a year since my last post. And what a time its been. Many life changes have happened between now and then, but maybe most germane is the fact that I moved to another country. This happened late last year, and I've spent most of the intervening time trying to synchronize. In any case, I've had some luck with that and so I hope to pick up where we left off.

So, hello 2018. Its horrendously late, but here it is. I hope everyone has been alright and things are good. With regards to my plans, I actually started penning a short series on practical Encryption last year. I haven't quite finished, but the plan is to put it up as soon as I do. I also intend to expand the scope of the posts here. I won't be doing much hardware work for the nearest foreseeable future, so most of my posts will be more software-centric. I might also occasionally post non-embedded/non-software thingies as well. For example, I discovered that I could install Ubu…