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Atmel Studio 6.1

Hey all.
Hope you enjoyed the last post. This post deals with LUFA, the lightweight USB framework for AVRs, which is a...framework...for building USB devices using USB-capable AVR chips.
I first came across LUFA a year or two ago when researching doing just that. Back then, I used AVR Studio 4.x, and getting LUFA to compile was no mean task. I have no idea how I managed. Anyone who's had to use LUFA in the past will testify. Its a great project in itself..compiling and using it seems to have a bit of a learning curve though.
However, Atmel have since updated their IDE and its bigger and meaner than ever before..enter Atmel Studio!
The most current version is Atmel Studio 6.1, which is built on a VS2010 shell. Essentially this means it looks alot like VS2010, and has quite a number of similiarities to it. One of them is the use of extensions.
Dean Camera, the creator of LUFA, recently released an extension for AS6.1 which greatly simplifies using LUFA. You still need to know a thin…

Muddy Boots..and getting Qt 5.1.0 (MSVC2012) working with HIDAPI

Hey all.
Tons of apologies for the silence. I've been extremely busy with the said Industrial Attachment. Apparently real-life work takes it out of you.
I hope you've all been doing well, and things have been going great on your various ends of the world.
Today I'm going to talk about getting Qt 5.1.0 (latest and greatest at the time of this writing) working with Signal11's HIDAPI, a cross-platform wrapper library for communicating with HID devices. This is particularly useful to me, on account of the fact that I happen to own a Teensy 2.0 which lets me run LUFA, a USB framework for AVR Microcontrollers which simplifies (greatly, let me tell you) the process of building custom USB devices. A year or so ago I happened to do just that: a custom HID device I could control from a PC with custom software written in C# using this library. However, its immediately apparent that such a program could only ever run on Windows. What if I needed to make it cross-platform?
As I'…


Hey all...some...anybody.
Once again, sorry for the silence. But I have some..good news. I've now finished my 400L First (and only, thankfully) semester exams, and so for the next six months I'm free as a bird  going to be on Industrial Attachment. Hopefully that'll give me enough time to work on my personal projects and naturally learn a thing or two, while keeping you abreast of what will be cooking. Perhaps I'll return in a week or two. Till then, don't hold your breath :-P


The Promise

Its been a while..six months, perhaps?
Sorry I've been gone. There's been a crapload of work to do, both in school and out, and I guess I just got caught up. I'll be back soon though, maybe in a month, maybe sooner. And then I'll explain everything.
Hang in there!