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Hey all,As promised, here’s the second update. I would’ve posted this back then, but I needed to sort through some issues beforehand. So without further ado…A couple of weeks ago, I posted about designing a USB-based input device, which would have four buttons, and whenever any of those buttons were pressed, would emit a USB report to the host (PC) specifying which of the buttons was pressed. That was followed up with another post detailing how to configure a V-USB device as a HID. Well, I sorta mashed everything together into a single project I call…*drum rolls* …ButtonGizmo.Let it be known that I’m not known for my astounding naming abilities.Essentially, ButtonGizmo is a HID with eight buttons, which operates as described earlier. While it doesn’t exactly solve a groundbreaking problem, its designed to be a simple starting point with V-USB and HID devices using the same. To this end, I’ve decided to put the hardware design (which is just a schematic – I built it on a stripboard so …