My Very First Blog Post

Hey all. This is my first Blogger post ever so don't mind me if its a bit unexciting.
I'm currently a 300L student of the DEE-ABU (if you know what that means, great :-D ) with numerous interests..microcontrollers primarily, then everything else..programming, electronics, computers, anime, the works. I'm a die-hard Naruto fan and I like a bit of One Piece too :-) That also means I dabble alot in a thousand and one things sometimes simultaneously, basically moving from one thing to the next so please try not to mind me..but I'll try to keep it light and interesting.
I don't have much of a skillset due to my dabbling nature, but my fortes (if I have any) would be C#.NET and AVR Microcontrollers. Because I'm such a C# buff, I'm also interested in the .NET Micro Framework as well (Wikipedia: .NET Micro Framework) and subsequently own a FEZ Panda II board which I seldom toy with (although with this blog, I intend to use it more and more ;-) ) Also know a thing or two about networking, a wee bit about C,C++ and Java, another wee bit about Python and a thing or two about HTML/CSS/Javascript...knocking all of them together with a bit of hardware, programming and silliness..well, this blog will hopefully let all of us see what comes of that.
I hope to be posting tutorials, pics and videos of our doings (read: antics) here in the DEE, and anything that may be remotely interesting...but I must warn you, dear reader, beware, for I may also post poetry, art pieces , articles, life-bits and generally random things that may or may not seem normal..but normal is overrated ;-)
Hopefully, the next post will be slightly more..mainstream......
................Or will it?
Come back next time and find out :-)
Ps: Ramadan Kareem to the Muslims dropping by.


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